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Don’t Take an Assault or Assault and Battery Charge Lightly

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Assault and assault and battery cases can be misdemeanors or felonies. Barnwell Law has successfully defended clients in both misdemeanor and felony assault cases. Many people accused of assault or assault and battery have valid Self-Defense claims. In these cases, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not use reasonable and proportional self-defense.

As such, these can be difficult cases for the prosecution to win. Barnwell Law is not afraid to take your case to trial if it can be won, or help negotiate the best possible outcome depending upon the circumstances.

Hire a knowledgeable felony crime attorney in Warren, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Roseville, Macomb County, MI & Fort Myers, FL today

If you’ve been charged with Assault and/or Battery, you can face up to 93 days in county jail and court fines and costs. An assaultive conviction on your record can cause serious employment issues, and other collateral consequences such as loss of gun rights. Bill Barnwell of Barnwell Law has a long history of success with assaultive based cases and trials. To prove their case, the Prosecution needs to prove either a harmful or offensive touching occurred (Battery) without consent, or that a person was put in reasonable fear of a battery and the person committing the assault had the apparent ability to carry out the battery. In other words, you don’t actually have to batter or hit somebody to be charged or convicted of assault.

A common defense in assault-based cases is Self Defense. In a Self Defense case, you are legally allowed to use force that is proportional to the perceived threat. By way of example, if somebody hits you with a pillow, you can’t pull a knife on them. Or if somebody throws a pebble at you, you can’t draw a gun. But if somebody smacks you, and you push them off of you, or smack them back to try and get away from them, that is proportional defense. Also, the jury instructions state that even if a person is wrong about the threat that they think they are facing that they can still be acquitted as long as their actions were “reasonable.”

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Call him. Day or night, he actually answers. And he personally will fight your case. Not pass it off to someone else who won't return your calls once you hire them, like so many other law firms. Great results!

Cheryl T.

Excellent attorney. Fights hard for all his clients and produces results. Not only knows his stuff but you can tell cares about all his clients and sees them as real people and worth fighting for.

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Absolutely amazing. Bill goes above and beyond for his client. I have been blessed to have had him by my side and would definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel.

Jamie N.

I contacted Bill Barnwell personally, spoke with him and hired. He represented me in a domestic violence case. I felt that the accusations on me we're incorrect. Bill was able to have the case dismissed with no key...


Mr. Bill Barnwell is by far the Best Attorney I have ever had the luxury of representing me. He was very persistent and persuasive to the point of me only serving 12 days in county on a 4th Habitual felony of violation...


Bill was extremely helpful, from the beginning of my initial consultation through my appearance in front of the judge. I was charged with a misdemeanor in Highland Park while on vacation from a different state. I had no...


Mr. Bill Barnwell assisted me through a pretty scary situation where I had a person harass/stalk me. Mr. Barnwell was very empathetic and helpful. After dealing with police, detectives, different attorneys and judges...


Receiving an OWI ticket with a .15 bac from a State police officer on I-696 was something I wasn't ready for. It was also written on the ticket that I was speeding more than 15mph over the speed limit. The officer didn't...


I hired Bill for a felony case on which I wrongly accused and my rights were violated. Mr. Barnwell fought this charge tooth and nail and I am happy to say all charges were dismissed. His dedication for his clients...


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